Double Glazing Canberra

double glazing

Let the outside in!

Let beautiful natural light brighten up your interiors by installing effective double-glazed windows. National Capital Glass will help you to be on trend with the latest architectural and interior decor idea of minimising the barrier between the outdoors and the interior of your home or office.

Go green with double-glazing

National Capital Glass will make your home more eco-friendly! Double-glazing is in line with the latest trend for environmentally friendly homes and buildings. Double-glazed windows are a great form of insulation. You can halve the amount of energy spent on climate control and temperature regulation by switching to double-glazed windows. Incredibly, this type of glass will keep buildings cooler during the heat of summer, and retain heat indoors during the colder winter months. In addition, these windows will also reduce a building’s carbon dioxide emissions and decrease energy loss.

Decrease noise pollution

Create a peaceful interior environment with the top quality double-glazed glass installed by National Capital Glass. These units will decrease the disturbance caused by outside noises, such as busy traffic, high winds, or noisy neighbours. In addition, these units will contain noise levels within a building so you can entertain without disturbing your neighbours. Other benefits of double-glazing include additional security, decreased condensation and the elimination of draughts. National Capital Glass will install top quality double-glazed glass so that you can enjoy the aesthetic, practical, financial and environmental benefits of these amazing windows.

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