Glass Frameless Shower Screens Canberra

glass shower screen

National Capital Glass can help you update your bathroom decor with the quality installation of a beautiful glass shower screen. We will help you select the perfect glass screen from the wide variety on offer.

Choose the perfect look to complement your decor scheme

We have extensive experience when it comes to installing any type of frameless glass shower screen. You can choose from a single fixed panel to a hinged door or a sliding door.

Glass shower screens are the most practical and stylish option when it comes to updating your shower. Not only are shower screens more effective than traditional shower curtains, they are far more stylish and elegant.

Glass shower screens improve safety in the home!

National Capital Glass will install top quality shower screens made from tempered safety glass for your safety. This glass is much more difficult to break. Even if it does break, this type of glass will not break into dangerous jagged pieces. Instead, it will break into small pebbles that are much safer.

In addition, glass shower screens are the best way to decrease water spilling on the bathroom floor – the leading cause of injuries in the home.

Trust National Capital Glass for the quality installation of glass shower screens to increase the elegance and safety of your bathrooms.

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